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How to get Kamaz


How to get Kamaz</a>

To answer this question, it is necessary to find out the reason why a powerful diesel engine has stopped running.

As a rule, the engines of trucks are "capricious" very rarely, unlike the engines of cars.

You will need

  • - Patience and savvy, as well as technical literacy.



If the power plant KAMAZ Because of discharged batteries, they must be charged. The restored density of the electrolyte in the battery will provide the starter necessary for starting the engine energy.


In those cases where problems with starting the engineAppeared after the replacement of fuel filters, then before turning the key in the ignition lock, the diesel fuel preparation system must be pumped. To remove air on the injection pump alternately open two fittings for pumping, and with the help of a manual pumping pump diesel fuel is fed into the fuel line until the fuel flowing out of the nozzle holes, there are no air bubbles.


Lowering the cockpit, and, snapping the latches, sitting behindSteering wheel, the gas pedal is pressed completely, after which the starter turns on. When the engine starts to "grasp" the turns and work with interruptions, the "gas" pedal is always held in the pressed position, and only after the motor responds with all its might, having developed the turns, it is released.


If the engine is started in winter,Frosty weather, the element of the air filter is first removed from the machine. Then, when the starter is switched on, a burning torch is brought to the air intake, and the engine, having made two or three turns with crankshaft, will certainly start, not paying attention to the temperature of the surrounding air.

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