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HOW TO make Kamaz

How to make Kamaz

To answer this question it is necessary to find out the reason for the powerful diesel engine stopped running.

As a rule, truck engines "capricious" very rarely unlike the cars engines.

You will need

  • - Patience and ingenuity, as well as technical competence.



If the power unit Kamaz will not start due to discharged batteries, they must be recharged. Restored density of the electrolyte in the battery will provide the necessary starter to start the engine power.


In those cases where problems with starting the engineIt appeared after replacing the fuel filter, prior to turning the key in the ignition of diesel fuel preparation system is definitely pumped. To remove the air pump fitting two alternately opened for pumping and booster with a hand pump in the diesel fuel fed to the fuel until the fuel arising from the nozzle holes, no air bubbles.


Lowering the cabin, and by snapping the clips sitting atsteering wheel, pedal fully depressed "gas", then the starter. When the engine starts to "catch" and speed to run rough, pedal "gas" has consistently held down, and only after the engine will respond with all its strength by developing momentum, it is released.


When starting the engine in winter, incold weather, then removed from the machine pre-air cleaner element. Then, at the moment when the starter is brought to the air intake torch, and the engine, carrying two or three turns the crankshaft, be sure to start, not paying attention to the ambient temperature.

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