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How to make a gift agreement for a share in an apartment


How to make a gift agreement for a share in an apartment</a>

Gift or gift to another person isA contract under which one of the parties (the donor) on a gratuitous basis undertakes to transfer in the future or transfers to another party (the donee) any thing in ownership, or undertakes to release or release it from any property obligations to third parties or by itself.



It should be noted that even in our difficultTimes people did not stop making gifts to each other. First of all, to implement this action, you must determine the subject itself, which will be given. Without specifying a specific subject, the contract is considered null and void. Most often, many questions arise when giving immovable things (or their share), and therefore we will go further on exactly this case.


So donating real estate (share in real estate)Requires state registration. For this purpose it is necessary to collect the following package of documents (depending on the specifics of the legal status of the parties, it can be supplemented with other documents, here only a general list is presented):
- statements of both parties on state registration-
- document on payment of state fee (original and copy) -
- documents that certify the identity of the parties-
- the contract itself-
- an act of acceptance and subsequent transfer of housing, unless otherwise provided by the contract-
- cadastral passport for real estate-
- a document confirming the right of ownership of the donor to the transferred real estate object (or to the transferred share) -
- certificate from BTI with an indication in it of the inventory value of the real estate object transferred under the contract-
- A certificate of the composition of persons registered in the transferred object at the time of the conclusion of the contract.


After all the necessaryDocuments, it is possible to conclude an agreement with its subsequent registration. Note that for movable things such preparatory actions are not required to produce, it is possible to conclude a contract in simple written form, for things of small value, an oral agreement of the parties is possible.

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