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How to create comfort in apartment

How to create comfort in apartment

Surely, some of you can be anxious oruncomfortable in his apartment, and often you do not even suspect that the mental state may depend on the things around you. Any flower room or soft toy has its own energy, and it is not always positive.

Create your own hands, comfort, atmosphere of peace of mind and love in his apartment.



It is not possible to name a cozy apartment in whichgoing real chaos: randomly scattered things through all the rooms, and the furniture emblazoned dust in a finger-thick, floor and carpets strewn with garbage. Try every day to give a little time to clean up and maintain the cleanliness of the apartment. It's much easier than once a month to arrange for themselves a grueling spring cleaning.


Deliver their own housing on the trash, letbreathe the house. Throw away all the things that you do not use, do a little bit more spacious room. If possible, replace large pieces of furniture more compact. The interior of a multilayer - podium with drawers and shelves with small but frequent shelves.


Properly selected textiles is able to create inyour apartment a certain coziness and harmony, for a variety of blinds and roll-shutters are not able to create the desired effect - it is rather an option for offices. Very beautiful curtains and drapes, if they are dense assemblies or folds, this curtain width should be more than the window opening and a half to two times. Use a cloth with drawings, it is advisable to fit to match the walls. Buy a beautiful bedspread in the bedroom and cover the dining table with a tablecloth. The child can hang a canopy.


Fill the flat with pleasant aromas, becausecorrectly and expertly to hell smell - an important part of a cozy atmosphere in the house. Fight with stale stale air, which is formed during storage of old things, cooking and the accumulation of dust. Frequent ventilation of the room, aromatherapy, air conditioning and a variety of air fresheners are able to solve this problem.


Decorative indoor plants, aquarium andfountain can give you a special comfort and shelter to make a good mood. Even if you do not have time to care for plants and fish, do not deprive your apartment this joy. Select unpretentious flowers and put into the aquarium filter to purify water. Well, of course, do not forget to feed the fish and water the plants.


Very cozy look in home interiormulticolored frames with photos households, hanging on the wall. Do not forget about such important details as the right lighting. Is not confined to a single chandelier in the center of the ceiling, it is important to have local lighting in the form of table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps or lighting workplace.

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