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How to create authorized capital

How to create authorized capital

Share capital - it means the owners invested for statutory purposes of the work.

It may increase or decrease in the course of financial and economic activity of the company.

You will need

  • - Money or other valuable imuschestvo-
  • - A savings account in the bank (when contributing money) -
  • - Finally, the appraiser of the property value (at contributing property) -
  • - A package of documents for registration of the LLC.



The authorized capital is formed by contributionsthe company's founders. At the first meeting they have to decide on its size and structure of the founders' shares in proportion (as a percentage or fraction). These aspects must be recorded in the Company's charter. Based on the founders of contribution in the future will be determined by their income.


Further, the founders must decide on ways of creation of the authorized capital. As a contribution may make money, securities, tangible assets or property rights.


In the case of a decision to contribute to theauthorized capital property, the limit of 20 thousand river in excess of its size Finally, the appraiser must be independent. In other cases, the cost is determined on a contractual basis.


Ideally, to stateCompany registration must be paid at least 50% of the total amount of authorized capital. To do this, open a savings bank account and credited to him a part of the share capital.


In practice, the Federal Tax Service rarely checks the availability of fundson the account until the registration of the LLC. Upon completion of the registration procedure, you must first deposit money wired to the account of the company in the amount of not less than 50% of income before the first receipt.


Earlier, during the year it was necessary to add to the savings account the remaining 50% of share capital. According to the latest amendments of 2014, this period was reduced to two months.


When one of the founders of the company, its share in the authorized capital is returned to the three-month period in full.


If you want to increase the size of the share capital increase may not exceed the value of the net assets of the company. At this point, its initial size must be paid.

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