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How to create an organization


How to create an organization</a>

To create a commercial organization of any organizational and legal form it is necessary to register it with the tax inspection.

The simplest and least expensive form is a limited liability company (LLC).

You will need

  • - confirmation of the introduction of the authorized capital-
  • - the decision of the founder or the minutes of the general meeting and the contract, if there are several of them, about the establishment of LLC-
  • - completed application for registration-
  • - payment of state duty-
  • - a letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises, for which a legal address and a notarized copy of the certificate of ownership of it are issued.



Before starting to formConstituent documents, it is necessary to choose OKVED codes for the future organization. To do this, you need to use the directory and select all that are most appropriate in terms of the characteristics of your future activities.
For small and medium-sized businesses, at first it is preferable to simplify the taxation system.

When choosing the same object of taxation followsTake into account such factors as the share of costs of providing activities in the company's total revenue, the number of employees and the share of their salaries in the future turnover. It will not be superfluous, taking these indicators into account, to calculate the approximate tax burden for each possible option and to stay at a minimum.


It is also necessary to resolve the issue of legalAddress. If the type of activity does not involve the rent of an office, warehouse, production premises, the best option is to use the registration address of one of the founders. But this option is not possible for every business and not in all regions. So it is better to first clarify in the tax.
If there is a need for renting a room,It is optimal to register where you will be active. Pick up a suitable area and take from the owner a letter of guarantee to provide you with a room for rent and a copy of the documents confirming his right to property.


Choose the name of the future company. You can use the full and abbreviated names in Russian and foreign languages ​​and one of the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia. Required options in Russian, the rest - at will.
Check the frequency of use of the name can be using the site of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, where an online form is provided for this.


To bring in the authorized capital (from 10 thousand rivers) you can money or property.

With the first option, a savings account is opened in the bank, for which at least half of the amount is paid. The rest - within a year after registration. The bank takes the appropriate certificate.

When the property is entered, the founders mustEvaluate (if more than 20 thousand rubles, invite an appraiser) and unanimously approve the estimate. Then you need to issue an assessment report, which is signed by all the founders, and an act of acceptance and transfer of property to the balance of the firm, signed by the founder and the general director.


Then it is necessary to prepare the constituent documents: The sole decision of the founder or the minutes of the general meeting, if there are several of them, on the establishment of the LLC, draw up its charter and, with several founders, conclude an agreement on the establishment of the LLC.

When all the documents are ready, you need to fill out an application for the registration of LLC, pay the state duty and take all the papers to the tax.

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