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CREATING interior small corner kitchen

Creating an interior small corner kitchen

A small corner kitchen can be not only comfortable, but also quite functional.

Make or buy furniture that takes as little space as possible, supplement its built-in appliances.

Make the room a nice help properly chosen colors and fashion accessories.

Choose furniture and appliances

For a small corner kitchen need special furniture. The floor will have lockers, the more space you get. Base cabinets should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees and combined top. Such furniture can be ordered in the salons. But if you want to arrange the kitchen standard models, they need to be improved. The easiest option - to stay in the rear wall and floor cabinets to make them bottom of the bevel under the plinth. Such training will help place the cabinets against a wall and save a few centimeters of living space.

Coal is used to accommodate a smallshell. Above it is possible to install a retractable drying. Very convenient anchor mechanisms in several tiers - the nomination of the first subsequent fall behind him. Suit and mechanisms such as the carousel - and they are good for drying dishes, and for storage of small items. The lower part of the corner cupboard can be used for storing vegetables or household chemicals.

Clean the kitchen door, freeing up valuable space. To food odors do not spread through the apartment, install a powerful hood and regularly change the filters to it.

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Wall cabinets place across the wall to the ceiling. They can be alternated with shelves or to use models with glass doors - this technique is visually expand the space.

For a small corner kitchen use onlybuilt-in appliances - hob 2 burners, coffee maker, microwave and dishwasher. Refrigerator better hide as the cabinet doors. If you prefer a fixed model, try to fit it into the interior, surrounded by narrow hanging lockers and shelves.

The table can not fit in a small kitchen. Ideal - bar or a window sill, supplemented with high chairs.

Colours and fashion accessories: complete the interior of the kitchen

kitchen color depends only on your taste. The bright colors and glossy surfaces visually expand the space and matte textures and rich colors make the room more comfortable. If you want to make the kitchen a bright, avoid monotony. Orange, green or maroon facade surfaces interspersed with natural wood colors or calm black, beige and white tones.

A bold decision - to the wall, fully matching the color of the furniture. The kitchen will seem much more spacious.

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Take care of good lighting. Ceiling Lamp should complement backlit desktop, downlights in the dining area, as well as the lighting inside the cabinets. As an added decoration select few spectacular style accessories in general. For example, country-kitchen fit wicker basket or a bouquet in a clay jug. Modern interior complement the beautiful poster on the wall or vase for fruit with unusual shapes.

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