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How to create an image for yourself


How to create an image for yourself</a>

Image is a reflection of appearance and mannersBehavior in the eyes of others, which will judge the internal qualities of man. Correctly chosen image helps not only in career, but also in relationships with people.

And in general, it helps to achieve success in life.



First, try to determine for yourself, the imageWhat kind of person you need to submit. This may be the image of a workaholic, an authoritative leader, an informal leader of a company or someone else. Think about how a person, whose image will be created, can look. Try to express all thoughts clearly and clearly on paper.


Make sure that the selected imageCorresponded to your age, profession and social status. Think about the details of the appearance so that they correspond to modern fashion trends, the dress code adopted in your corporation, the chosen goal. After this, try to look at the new image through the eyes of an outsider and compare: whether the ready image corresponds to the original ideal.


Choose the appropriate costume, hairstyle,Accessories, perfume and make-up for your new image. If you create the image of a successful businessman, you can not do without an exquisite business suit, shoes, expensive pens, quality cologne, wristwatches and a premium mobile phone. Up to the prestigious foreign car, which you can rent if necessary. For the image of a workaholic, more democratic clothing is enough. For the image of a company person it's better to choose something that attracts attention, fashionable and stylish, but not screaming and not outrageous.


After trying a new look, start educating inAppropriate behavior. This is a complex process, but without it, the proper image in the eyes of others will not work out. So, having chosen the image of an authoritative leader, it is necessary to work on the culture of speech, forget about familiarity, jargon, vernacular expressions. To facilitate this task, make a memo, put in it the fixed qualities and keep it in your sight.


Start your new image withUnfamiliar people, carefully watching their reaction. According to their behavior, for your confidence in the new image, judge about the correctness of the created image. But do not forget: fashion is a changeable thing. And over time, you have to adjust the image.

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