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How to create an image of yourself

How to create an image of yourself

The image - a reflection of the external appearance and mannersbehavior in the eyes of others, to which will be judged on the inner qualities of man. The correct image helps not only in their careers, but also in relationships with people.

And as a whole, it helps to achieve success in life.



First, try to determine for themselves, the imagea person must be present. This could be an image of a workaholic, an authoritative leader, the informal leader of the company, or someone else. Consider how people might look, whose image will be created. Try all the thoughts clearly and put down on paper.


Make sure that the selected imageIt matches your age, occupation and social status. Consider the details of appearance so that they match modern fashion trends, dress code, adopted in your corporation, the selected target. After that, try to look at a new way through the eyes of an outsider, and compare: whether the finished image of the original ideal.


Choose the appropriate costume, hairstyle,accessories, perfume and make-up for her new image. If you create the image of a successful businessman, you can not do without sophisticated business suit, shoes, expensive pens, quality cologne, watches and premium mobile phone. Until the prestigious foreign cars, which can be rented when necessary. For the workaholic image rather more democratic clothing. For image sociable person better to choose something that attracts attention, fashionable and stylish, but not flashy and outrageous.


Having tried a new look, begin to cultivateStatement related behavior manners. This is a complicated process, but without the right image in the eyes of others does not work out. So, by the image of an authoritative leader, it is necessary to work on the culture of speech, forget about familiarity, slang, colloquial expressions. To facilitate this task, take a memo, set out in its dockable quality and keep it in their mind.


His new image begins to try tostrangers, watching their reactions. According to their behavior on your confidence in the new way of judging the correctness of the created image. But do not forget: fashion - fickle thing. And over time, will have to adjust the image.

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