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How to create an identikit

How to create an identikit

Identikit is a special program that allows you to recreate a person's face, knowing only some of the details, such as the color and shape of the eyes, width of the face, the shape of the lips, etc.

You will need

  • - A computer with Internet access.



Follow this link http://flashface.ctapt.de/, to create an identikit online. On this site you can build a person's face image of the details and save the result obtained on your computer as jpeg file.


Sequentially select the left menuadding hair, forehead, accessories, nose, eyebrows, lips, beard and mustache. After selecting the menu options appear appearance of an element of the human face. Click on the desired image and it will be added to the composite sketch centered on the screen.


To clear the image, click Clear All. After compiling identikit select Save face option, enter the file name, and your name, click Save. A new window opens with your image to save the sketch of a computer, right-click the image and select "Save Image As", enter the file name, select a folder and click "Save". Creating a composite picture is complete.


Go to rusprogram.3dn site.ru / load / 70-1-0-464, to download the program for compiling identikit. Click the link on the page "Identikit for free" in the window that opens, click on the link with the name of the program, wait for it to download. Then unzip the file in any folder. Run the executable file from the folder to start compiling identikit.


Click on the button in the program windowthe image of a white sheet to make a new identikit. Further sequentially select buttons to add to the sketch of the hair, mustache, beard, eyes, nose, and other elements of the human face. Also on the program are available accessories such as sunglasses. Each after the addition of the element can be reduced or increased using the slider below the special menu with facial details.


Remove unnecessary items for this highlight itFacial and click on the button "Shopping Cart". To save compiled identikit click the floppy on the panel of the program tools, select the location to save, enter the file name, click "Save".

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