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How to create an eerie atmosphere for Halloween

How to create an eerie atmosphere at Halloween party

It is believed that on the night from 31 October to 1 NovemberIt appears all evil. On this day people dress up in scary costumes and perform a noisy party, which should be unusual, different from all the other holidays.

They should reign "terrible" fun.



Create room "terrible" atmosphere. Spread out on shelves, tables, windowsills, "body": for example, the small Vienna sausages resemble severed fingers. Put the onions in a small jar and fill it with water - is not eyeballs.


In a bowl pour some ketchup. Dip into it palms and make "bloody" prints on doors, mirrors and windows. Mistress can not worry - ketchup is well washed.


In the middle of the living room with the help of a paint or silver adhesive tape on the floor make a pentagram. Middle light the candles, and guests disable overstep it.


And, of course, music for parties. Pick music for fun and noisy dance. Perfect album, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Spooky atmosphere will help to create soundtracks for movies, horror, for example, "Sleepy Hollow" and scary sounds: the creaking floorboards, doors, sudden cries, sighs. These sounds can be cut from audiobooks.

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