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How to create an eerie atmosphere for Halloween


How to create an eerie atmosphere on a Halloween party</a>

It is believed that on the night of October 31 to November 1There is all evil spirits. On this day it is customary to dress up in scary costumes and conduct noisy parties, which should be unusual, unlike all other holidays.

They must be filled with "eerie" fun.



Create a "terrible" atmosphere in the room. Lay out on shelves, tables, window sills "part of the body": for example, small Viennese sausages resemble severed fingers. Put small onions in a jar and fill it with water - than no eyeballs.


Pour a little ketchup on the plate. Put your palms into it and make "bloody" prints on the doors, mirrors and windows. Mistresses can not worry - ketchup is well laundered.


In the middle of the living room with the help of paint or silver tape, make a pentagram on the floor. In the middle, light the candles, and forbid guests to intercede for it.


And, of course, the musical design of the party. Choose music for fun and noisy dances. Thriller album by Michael Jackson is perfect. A terrible environment will help create soundtracks for horror movies, for example, "Sleepy Hollow" and terrible sounds: the creaking of floorboards, doors, sudden screams, sighs. These sounds can be cut from audiobooks.

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