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How to create an Easter mood

Icon "The Resurrection of Christ" ( "Descent into Hell"), also written in the second half of the XVI century for the Transfiguration Cathedral

In everyday city life is sometimes just once feel the greatness of the coming holiday - the King of all days, celebrations of festivals like Easter called our ancestors.

The more obvious is the need to look deep into their souls, who are tired of vanity and stretches to the eternal light of spiritual holiday - the victory of life over death.

How to help yourself to catch the state that fill us with anticipation, joy and raise over domestic problems, working everyday, and other earthly cares?



Of course, the first step on this path - ComplianceLent. But many at the same time limited only by external post - cooked lean food for the entire period or in the first and last week, which are considered in this respect the most stringent. However, the real aim of Lent - through penance purify himself, his thoughts. No wonder there is a saying: "Sin - not something in his mouth, and that the mouth" - this evil word, envy, hatred of the circumstances, people, sometimes the closest. Lent - a good reason to understand that the basis of all life is love, and one of the main tasks of human - to grow within themselves love to the world, to help others to find within themselves the source of good.


If you rarely go to church at the usual time,Lent is to give this more time. Even just to go and stand in the church, not necessarily at the time of the service useful for inner peace - peace and quiet of the temple help to cope with anxieties, to establish a dialogue with yourself, put in order the energy flows. temple atmosphere calms, takes the blackness of the soul. It is in the temple of the decision could come any complex problem, because here we listen to the inner voice and choose the right path.


Among the mandatory components of the special atmosphereEach festival - music, books and movies. Among the main events of the Orthodox calendar, can also be prepared with their help - for example, listen to religious songs, essays on relevant topics as who came to us from time immemorial, and written by composers closer to our ages. On the eve of Easter right attitude will create and reading "Summer of the Lord" Ivan Shmelev, and enjoy performing skills of the choir of the Valaam Holy-Transfiguration Monastery, and thinking about the affairs of the earth, good and evil, with the monk Anatoly from the film by Pavel Lungin "Island" .


Meeting the Easter, we are preparing for it, and your house. By a holiday it is necessary to clear space in all senses. This means not only general cleaning, it is cleaning house energies - Walk around the room with a lighted candle, better consecrated in the temple. At home once it will change the atmosphere - has long been known, which has the power to fire combat the negative flows, and no wonder the candle esoteric confer special properties. Well, how do without things that any hostess honors for a special honor - the preparation of traditional Easter dishes, Easter Sunday and Easter cakes. And how much joy gives children the process of dyeing eggs, which can be and paint and dress up in the application, and so on, as you allow the imagination.


On Holy Saturday we partake of yet anotherthe most important event - the descent of the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Crowned as many days waiting part in the procession and the Easter service, and cry, which is more than two thousand years makes humanity weep with joy: "Christ is risen!".

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