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How to create a file from scratch

How to create a file from scratch

Compression programs, folders and files helps to reduce their size without losing any data, so the compressed files and folders are taking up to local and removable drives less space.

This is done using an archiver program.

To create a file from scratch, need to have the appropriate application.

You will need

  • - Archiver



Install on your computer archive. To date, a powerful tool for creating archives considered program WinRar and 7-Zip. These applications are installed automatically. Run the .exe file and follow the instructions of the installer, to install the application onto your hard disk.


Select the files you want to put inarchive. Highlight them and click on any icon in the group of selected files, right-click. From the drop-down menu, click "Add to Archive" by clicking the left mouse button - will open a new dialog box in which you will need to set certain parameters.


On the "General" tab, type in the empty field "Namearchive "his future name, select the file format - ZIP or RAR. Some operating systems barely read .rar format, so if you want to send a file to another user and are not sure whether it is to open it, it is better able to select the .zip format. Under "Compression Method" from the drop-down list, select the required value.


To create a conventional data archive settingswill be sufficient. Click OK and wait for the files you selected repack the archive. If you want to set additional settings, scroll through the relevant tab and change the values ​​in the required fields.


To add a file to an existing archive,move the cursor to the file you want to add. Hold down the left mouse button, drag it to the icon file. When the "+" symbol, release the mouse button. The file will be added to the archive. Alternatively, you can open the newly created file and the same method, place it the desired file, answering yes to the system prompt.


To remove from the finished archive unneeded filesOpen the file, select the file to be deleted and press the Delete key. Confirm your choice. The same thing can be done, if you click on the name, right-click the file and select the drop-down menu, click "Delete Files." Confirm the action, close the file.

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