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How to create an effect of antiquity on furniture


How to create an effect of antiquity on furniture</a>

Today, antique furniture collectors are willing to pay a lot of money.

I propose to do the opposite and for a little money to turn ordinary furniture into an "antique" one.



On the surface of old furniture often appears a grid of cracks. Such an effect can be obtained with the help of a lacquer varnish, which changes its structure and cracks during reaction with the paint.


First you need to prepare the furniture. If the old paint holds well, then it can not be removed. It is enough to wash the furniture thoroughly with soda to remove dirt and grease, and then sand all the irregularities with sandpaper. Then we cover the furniture with ground paint. If the furniture is made of untreated wood, then it must first be covered with stain, and then primed. The primer should completely cover the surface of the furniture, so you may need a second layer. Each coat of primer must be completely dry.


When the surface is completely dry, itApply primer and lightly dry. Crackle lacquer is applied to a still sticky surface. The paint drying out below causes cracks on the varnish layer. Their size depends on the degree of drying of the paint: the higher the humidity, the stronger the varnish crack.
Finally, the cracked surface wipe with a sponge moistened with a dark varnish.


Also, an unusual effect on furniture will be obtained ifCover it with colors of two different colors. For example, first with a burgundy primer, and then with a yellow one so that the burgundy color is visible in places. Wait until the paint has dried and sanded with sandpaper so that the burgundy color appears in places. You need to grind in the direction of the layers of wood.


To give furniture an antique look, you can applyPatina. To do this, we cultivate linseed oil with turpentine in the proportion of 50 to 50 and we dilute in it pigment paints, for example black and umbra. Then cover the surface of the furniture.


On old furniture, small holes are often visible- traces of damage by larvae of woodworm. For many collectors, this is a confirmation of the antique furniture. They can be easily imitated: the toothbrush is dipped in black or brown paint, and then, driving your finger along the bristles, spray the furniture.

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