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How to create an aged effect on furniture

How to create an aged effect on furniture

Today, for the antique furniture collectors are willing to pay big money.

I propose to do the contrary, and for little money to turn ordinary furniture "antique".



On the surface, old furniture often appear mesh cracks. Such an effect can be obtained using krakelyurnogo varnish which upon reaction with the paint alters its structure and crack.


First you need to prepare the furniture. If the old paint is well kept, it can not be removed. Enough to thoroughly wash ash furniture, to remove dirt and grease, then sand all irregularities with sandpaper. Then, cover the ground with paint furniture. If the furniture is made of untreated wood, it must first cover the stain, and then primed. The primer must completely cover the surface of the furniture, so it may require a second coat. Each layer of primer must be completely dry.


When the surface is completely dry out, itWe apply the sealer and slightly dry. Krakelyurny varnish is applied to the still sticky surface. paint dries at the bottom leads to the appearance of cracks in the layer of varnish. Their size depends on the degree of drying the higher the humidity, the more the crack lacquer.
At the end of the cracked surface wipe with a sponge soaked in a dark varnish.


Also unusual effect on the furniture out, ifcover it with two inks of different colors. For example, the first maroon primer and then - the yellow, so that in some places was visible burgundy color. Wait until the paint is dry and sanded with sandpaper to places stood out burgundy color. Sand should be in the direction of the layers of wood.


To give the furniture an antique look, you can applypatina. For this breed linseed oil with turpentine in a ratio of 50 to 50 and diluted therein pigment ink, such as black and umber. Then cover the surface of the furniture.


In the old furniture is often seen small holes- Traces of woodworm damage. For many collectors it is a confirmation of antique furniture. They can easily simulate: a toothbrush dipped in black or brown paint, and then, running his finger along the stubble, spray the furniture.

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