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How to create a women's club

How to create a women's club

Many women experience a lack of communication.

In particular, this affects those who, for some reason does not work.

The family, even very well, can not replace it.

Women's Club - a great way to solve not only the problem of communication, but also to learn needlework, get advice of a qualified psychologist, educator, designer or cosmetologist.

You will need

  • - Samples of constituent documents for non-commercial organizatsiy-
  • - Computer Internetom-
  • - Books and other materials on the issues to be addressed by your club.



Collect Minded. You probably have friends who are also experiencing a lack of communication. Begin to gather at least at the apartment. The work plan to discuss is not required, just talk, what would each of you like to do and what it can teach others. Almost certainly there will be in your circle skilful needlewoman, experienced teachers, successful business woman. It is possible that there consider themselves a failure. It is possible that they are not averse to change their lives.


Select a time to meet. They may not be very frequent, but regular. To the meeting were interested, schedule their rough structure. You can combine different types of activities. For example, the development of methods of artistic embroidery and tatting successfully combined with an exchange of views on the new book or an interesting concert. Try to keep the meeting were diverse, but fun for everyone. Combine fitness classes in needlework or visiting exhibitions, concerts, performances and discussions. & nbsp-


Create a group on the social networks. Describe what your group is organized and what is included in the scope of the interests of its participants. Start the appropriate tags to visitors of immediately finding topics of interest. Combine work with community affairs in real life. & nbsp-


If you already have the backbone of the club and meet atthe apartment was not very comfortable, take care of the room. You can refer to the proposal in the near cultural institution. Tell his head about why this club is needed, than you are going to do, will be able to participate in any activities of cultural centers. It may be, for example, the exhibition of arts and crafts, demonstration models of clothes on city festivals, performances or aerobic fitness clubs in concert programs and much more.


Women's Club may exist andeducational institution. For example, organize parent club at the kindergarten or school. Ask the director or directress allocate you a room for meetings for a few hours per month. It is possible that they want to join the club and school workers. A very interesting initiative - the parent club at the orphanage. You can teach children social skills and communicate both with them and with each other.


For a club that exists at the cultural institutionor school needs statute. You may be asked and work plan. The statutes provide your club as a non-profit organization, it will save you from a lot of problems. Typical of such a charter amateur association is likely to have in the department of culture.


Arrange the room presented to you soas far as it's possible. Office located in the cultural institution or school probably have someone to share. Fully decorate it to your liking will not work. But to make a small stand that would be told about the main directions of the club, it is possible in any case. & nbsp-

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