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How to create a website with games

How to create a website with games

Computer games have always, enjoy and will enjoy stable demand, both in the purchase of the field and in the field of free download.

In order to use this to their advantage? whether it is making a profit or just altruism, some simple steps are enough.

Create a site with games is easy, there are several steps quite clearly, that must be followed in sequence, so that your site was popular.

You will need

  • - A computer
  • - Internet connection



Create an account on file hosting. Use the sharing services that are most beneficial to pay for the number of unique downloads. Search and find games, download them and fill in the file sharing. Keep all the download links.


Create a website. To do this, you can use the second-level domains, they are often free of charge and provide enough space to create a full website. To get started, register a mailbox on the site that provides such services. After registering at your disposal will be a free site builder that you can use when building a website.


Promote your site using socialnetworks and links exchanges. Place as many links to your site with a detailed description on the Internet. Buy advertising space and banners on other websites, tracking the effectiveness of advertising. Continue to campaign at all times during operation of the site.


Remove the additional resources for the promotion ofsite using the link exchange. Register your site on it and get the monetary compensation or for viewing advertising or for following the links from your site.

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