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How to create your site with a forum


How to create your site with a forum</a>

Sites that have a forum are visited by users much more often than others.

This is explained by the fact that people are more likely to go toSites where you can not only find any information, but also discuss it with other people, get an answer to an interesting question or, on the contrary, give advice.



A typical way of implementing the forum is toProject, is the connection of third-party forum scripts or the initial placement of its content on the basis of CMS. For the first method is characteristic that the user himself forms the structure and design of the entire site and personally fills it with content. The forum is connected separately, placing it in the folder with the site.


Today there are the following third-party scriptsForums: phpBB, vBulletin, myBB and others. The method is very popular, as creating a site with a forum using these scripts is very simple. It is also convenient to administer information. However, a flaw can be called autonomous registration for them, because the user will have to register twice: the first time on the site, the second? On the forum, which often leads to a change in usernames.


Another and no less accessible version of howCreate a site with a forum just lies on the surface with a number of users of content management systems. Many of them have a built-in forum? It's Open Slaed. Some are able to connect the forum script as their own free plug-ins. This system, whose functionality is constantly expanding and improving, and the package engine CMS comes with a minimum filling. Such are: Joomla, Drupal, phpNuke, 4Site and others. At the same time, there are a lot of advantages of using CMS: the same design of the site and the forum, which can be changed through the installation of graphic system templates, one registration that is required only on the main site, and the categories and user rights also apply to the forum.


Of course, you can take yourself for the developmentThe engine of the site, simultaneously implementing and installing the forum scripts on it, however, for the formation of really large informative sites, it is better to focus on thematic content. Anyway, without interesting content, it's unlikely that any of the users will be interested in the question of authorship of the script and the engine.

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