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How to create a website template

Front Page provides ample opportunities for drawing and structuring web site template

Creating a website is not always requires web programming skills.

To create a simple personal web site in the program you will be enough knowledge of Front Page, providing ample opportunity for drawing and structuring a web site template.

You will need

  • - The program Front Page



Open the Front Page in the list of templates, selecta one-page website. Open the template, and then open the menu? View? and click on? Folder List to display the structure ?, index.html page in the program window.


In the workspace, you can editpage as you want. If you change your mind, deciding that a single-site small? You can always supplement the template with additional pages and folders.


To create a simple blank web site, use the Empty Web template.


If you want to create from the beginningFull site, select the Personal Web template (personal website), where you can place all the necessary information about himself, pictures, text data, links and other elements.


Open the menu to create such a site? File? and press the? Create a page or website ?. Then select? Web Template ?.


Specify the name of the site that you create, as well as its location on your computer. Click on the icon Personal web and wait for the process of creating the site template.


After a while the structure of the site will be opened for editing on the right side of the window, and on the left you will see a list of folders and structure created site.


By clicking the mouse on every page in the structure, youthereby enter the editing module of this page. Modify and transform the content of pages, using different means of structuring and FrontPage design.


Add tables, images, text and other things that will form the content of your personal website.

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