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How to create a website in 10 minutes

How to build a website in 10 minutes

Any new saytostroitel knowsthe creation of a long process of the site, but would like to open your site as quickly as possible, without thinking about the intricacies of design and layout. The process to create a website in a few minutes, of course, exist.

To do this, only a few points.



When we rely on the rapid creation of a sitefree hosting and creator narod.ru sites, where there is everything necessary for this process. Go to the website http://narod.yandex.ru/, and press? To create a website ?.


Opens the login form. Select the account. Enter your first and last name. Come up with a login. Login will be made the third-level domain of your site, ie the address of the site will have a name? Vash_login.narod.ru ?. Push the button? On ?.


In the following form, you need to come up with a password,choose a security question for password recovery, the answer to it. You can enter your e-mail address and mobile phone. Enter the captcha and put a tick that accept the terms of the agreement. Click? Register ?. Then drive your date of birth.


We fall into the website builder. Click? To create a website ?. Just login, you can view the future of your site. After that, you choose the specifics of your site from the options. Next, enter the name of your site, copyright, logo. After that, check the pages you want on your site. Press? Further ?.


Choosing a website design. From these decorations select one, and layout for the layout. Choose a font for the site. After that click? Start filling ?. You get to the part that allows the flexibility to customize the design, and pages of your site. After creating the design and content of your site click the button? Publish? in the top left corner. You get to the main page. Your website is ready.

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