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How to create your site in 10 minutes


How to create your site in 10 minutes</a>

Any beginner saitostroitel knows thatThe creation of the site is a long process, but I would like to open my site as quickly as possible, without thinking about the intricacies of design and layout. The way to create a site in a few minutes, of course, exists.

To do this, you only need to complete a few points.



With the rapid creation of the site, we will rely onFree hosting and the creator of sites narod.ru, which has everything you need for this process. Go to the site http://narod.yandex.ru/, and click on "create your site ?.


The entry form opens. Choose to register. Enter your name and surname. We invent the login. The login will be made by the third-level domain of your site, that is, the site address will have a name? Your_login.narod.ru ?. Push the button? On ?.


In the following form, you need to come up with a password,Select a secret question for password recovery, the answer to it. You can enter your e-mail address and mobile phone. Enter the captcha and tick off the box that you accept the terms of the agreement. Click "Register". Next, lead your date of birth.


We fall into the designer of sites. Click "create a site". Immediately you can view the future login of your site. After that, choose the specifics of your site from the proposed options. Next, enter the name of your site, copyright, logo. Then mark the necessary pages on your site. Click "Next".


We choose the design of the site. From the presented designs select one and layout for layout. Choose a font for the site. After that, press? Start filling ?. You get into the part that will flexibly customize the design and pages of your site. After creating the design and content of your site, click the button? Publish? in the top left corner. You get to the main page. Your site is ready.

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