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How to create video yourself at home


How to create video yourself at home</a>

To create a video at home, you do not need to have at your disposal professional recording and editing devices.

It's enough for an amateur camcorder and a video editing program.



Select the device with which you willRecord video. It can be like a video camera or camera (with support for shooting video), and a mobile phone with good recording quality. After you have captured the required material, connect the device to the computer and copy all the video files into its memory.


Decide on the software that you will use to create a video in Domestic Conditions. A typical example is Windows Movie Maker, which is part of the Windows operating system. It is ideal for creating home video. Also, you can use more powerful applications designed for editing and editing, for example, Nero Vision.


Start Windows Movie Maker. Click the "File" menu and select "Import to Collections". In the dialog box that opens, find the necessary video files, select them and click the "Import" button. Wait until the end of the process, after which the files will be in the program's collection. Also, the video can be placed in collections by simply dragging with the mouse.


Place the video files on the storyboard locatedIn the bottom part of the program window, in the order in which you want to see them in the finished video. To do this, left-click on the video file in the collection and, without releasing the mouse button, drag it to the storyboard.


Edit the files on the storyboard. To crop excess fragments of the video, click on the file being edited, set the preview slider in the right part of the program window to the desired frame and click the "Split the clip into two parts in the current frame" button. In the same way cut all the extra fragments of the video and delete them with the delete button.


Add video effects and transitions between partsvideo. To do this, in the right part of the program window, select the "Installing a movie" section. Click on the desired subsection, select the desired effect or transition and drag it to the appropriate location on the storyboard.


To add a soundtrack to the video, import the audio file into the collection. Then drag it to the storyboard.


Save the result. Select "File" - & gt- "Save movie file", specify "My computer" and click "Next". Specify the name of the video file and select the location to save. Click the "Next" button and wait until the process is over.

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