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How to create a vCard

How to create a vCard

Any stricter requirements to the business card are not present. But logic dictates that it should contain information about where and by whom the holder works, the profile of the organization and possible ways of communication.

There are certain traditions and peculiarities of perception, of which derive recommendations for design business card.



When it comes to the business card of an employee,including top managers of the highest rank, the card must be present name of the company. The best option - in the form of a logo. You must also specify the position held. Usually the logo is located in the upper left corner, surname, name and patronymic - in the middle, beneath a small print job. Phone, e-mail and other means of communication, if they are used for work (Skype, ICQ, etc.), are indicated in the lower left corner, often below the line. The website can be noted in the lower right corner next to the logo or called, if it is given the title line.


If the official name of the organization and its associated brand have different names (for example, a little-known ZAO "Sonic Duo" and the cellular operator "MegaFon"), optimally reflect and then, and more.

In some cases it is preferable to give priority to a more recognizable name. For example, if a newspaper publishes a popular publishing house with a different name, which is especially no one's lips.


In the manufacture of small individualentrepreneur or craftsman single status without this it is best to position instead reflect services rendered to them. If these services are already very diverse, for example, oral and written translations, and the repair of apartments, it is better not to dump all in a heap, and for each type of service to print its version of business cards. If the entrepreneur can specify the status of the presence of his name in a smaller font.


The general requirement to design business cards - the stricter,all the better. Preferred black text on a white background. However, it may be permissible to sustain a business card in tones of corporate colors, but on the condition that all the information easy to read, and the whole design does not cause eye discomfort. Colourful business card with lots of different colors look undignified.


Do not make the best impression on a small welltwo languages, though with two versions on the obverse and reverse, at least in duplicate in the English inscription next to the Russian text on the front side. It is better to make a set of cards for each language.

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