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How to make a vacation budget


How to make a vacation budget</a>

You have long dreamed of vacation, and finally going to go on a well-deserved rest.

But the real dilemma is howTo spend a vacation without suffering the invocation of the so-called "internal toad?", How much money did we have for this trip and how not to spend all our annual salary here with such prices for everything?

Plan your vacation budget in advance.

Most of the money is usually spent onTransport and accommodation. Choose the cheapest option, but at the same time do not skimp on quality. It's still your vacation. Look for low-cost airlines and hotels, read reviews. The hotel can be a two-star, but, in fact, it will go down for the usual four stars.

The second point is always food. Even if you live in a hotel where everything is included, sometimes in the list of & laquo-unlimited consumption & raquo- do not include alcohol and other drinks, specify this point. Find out what the average bill in restaurants is of the place you are going to, but do not forget about money & laquo-on tea & raquo-.

In advance, find out how much tickets will cost to visit those or other attractions.

In addition, usually a lot of money goes to theSouvenirs for friends and relatives. If you intend to still go shopping, measure the average price of things in a particular country with your shopaholic appetites.

If you have more or less estimated the cost of everything higherListed items, write them down and put another ten percent on this amount. You will get a figure that will make up your vacation budget, which you do not need to worry about. & Nbsp-

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