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How to create a universal students learning activities

Allow children to self-assess their own learning activities

In modern Russian education is recognized as the concept of universal educational activities of students.

They allow you to acquire such knowledge and skills, which will help not only to master a variety of school subjects, but also in personal life situations.

The activities of the modern teacher's designed to help students in mastering universal educational actions. Make it help different technology training and education.
First of all the teacher should highlight the value of knowledge as such. If your child understand that learning material is useful to him in practice, it will greatly increase his interest.
Try not to communicate the truth in a direct form. Let the child himself comes to the right information. Subsequently, it will teach the child the analysis, synthesis, setting goals, planning.
Teach your child to contact with classmates without conflict. Working in groups, the child acquires the ability to make decisions together, to listen to others' viewpoints and come to a compromise.
Allow children to self-assess their own learning activities. This will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Most ask meaning-studentsquestions: "Why do you need to acquire knowledge", "what are you doing", "to which it will lead you." The educational process is meaningful only when the child will acquire personal meaning of learning.

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