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How to create a unicorn in the sims 3 pets

How to create a unicorn in the sims 3 pets

Game Series The Sims are known for their unusual additions.

With each new addon in the game appear a variety of interesting creatures.

For The Pets supplement introduced to the game fabulous unicorn.



Unfortunately, you can not create a unicorn at startupgames. It can only be tamed. Or make him a horse belonging to the family. The probability of the birth of the little unicorn: a pair of fifty-fifty.


Find a unicorn during night walks inthe town is quite difficult. It is best at dusk (around eight in the evening), go to the map and wait for the characteristic shimmering cloud that indicates the appearance of a unicorn. In fact, the cloud is part of the magic of this extraordinary creature loop. Seeing this phenomenon, it is necessary to send him your Sim to introduce him to a unicorn.


To invite a unicorn in the family, you first need tomake sure you have more available slots. In one family may not be more than ten characters, so that you may have on someone to get rid of.


Shem, who is friends with her or other people's pets, the more chances to make friends with a unicorn. It prefers the creation of good and friendly Sims willingly befriends them.


Becoming a unicorn close friends, Sim canto invite him to his family. Green lights will mean consent, and red - the refusal. Do not repeat its request immediately, keep contact with the mystical beings. Try to improve relations and to invite him again in a few days.


Despite the fact that unicorns live muchlonger than horses, they are not alien to ordinary needs. Unicorns have to sleep, eat, and move actively to quench their thirst, but all it takes it in smaller quantities and less frequently than simple horses. If you do not care about the magical animal enough, your Sim will visit a social worker and take the mystic pet.

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