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How to create a two-dimensional animation

How to create a two-dimensional animation

Now the computer animation is considered from two perspectives: the planar or 2D-animation and three-dimensional, or 3D-animation.

We are already used to seeing games, commercials,movies, video clips, which use computer animation made using programs that are surprised at how quickly this young technology conquered the world.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Corel Draw-
  • - Adobe Illustrator.



Create templates for your two-dimensionalcartoon or animation. Separately, make a template for the character and for the environment. It is also necessary to draw backgrounds. Note that the characters do not need to merge with the background when creating a two-dimensional animation, so Pick up the color in such a way to prevent this.


Decide on the key scenes of your movie,then create the frames in between. These drawings are to be positioned between the key animation. There may be from one to twelve. The speed of movement of the character or picture element will depend on the distance between the intermediate frames.


Perform painting frames to continuecreation of 2D-animation. Then work through the movement of the camera and add special effects. Before you add a camera movement, combine layers with the background and character in a single composition. For example, if you want to portray that character comes first compose the background image and the movement of the character, and then only camera movement.


Apply effects: make objects out of focus background, make a character spinning around its axis, change the brightness of the colors, add the disappearance of the character. Next, go to the miscalculation scenes to begin installation.


Apply Flash technology, if you need toMake 2D-animation for use on the Internet. Macromedia Flash allows you to create different types of animated images. Add to the program by the animation elements. Consistently build animation frames, changing their content. The program supports multi-layer image, here you can move the object to change its size, shape, and transparency.


Create a separate image for each frame,for this it is necessary to create and intermediate frames. You can also use the Tweened animation, it will allow only add keyframes, and the rest of the program will be added automatically. Save the resulting animation can be in the following formats: gif, avi, mov, swf.

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