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Office travel agencies

To create a travel agency will need the room, equipped with all necessary equipment and at least three managers.

Besides, it will not prevent your site on the internet and well thought-out advertising.



On the tourist market are two players- Tour operators and travel agents. First develop tours, engaging in the formation of prices, and the latter carry out the sale of finished rounds. The first year of operation - the most difficult to go through the off-season from October to the end of December and the middle of January to April. In the second year of the customer base to grow and is already possible to breathe more freely.


If you are going to organize a travel agency, you need totake care of renting premises in the city center with convenient parking and a private entrance. It is a mistake to look for an office away from the competition: on the contrary, to be closer to him, so the client can be able to compare prices of different companies within the same district. The place, free from competitors, may only sleeping area with a high concentration of potential tourists. Mandatory requirement - a bright sign above the entrance, is able to attract potential customers.


The interior space is also very important- This will depend on whether the client wants to stay here, or go look for something better. In addition to decoration, you will need to purchase office equipment and furniture. Experts recommend to recruit staff workers of at least 3 people, so you need to take care of the three tables and three computers. Telephone lines should be two and one dedicated channel for the Internet.


To visit the site each tourbetter to get a single database to search for tours. In addition to the three managers who need an accountant, and the system administrator, but the latter may work part-time. An important item of expenditure - advertising, which includes not only bright sign, and mail brochures, advertising on the Internet, and the like.


But the most important thing to do firstplace - is to register a legal entity and obtain a certificate of compliance with quality standards of rendered services. Prerequisite work of travel agencies - getting health certificate and listen to lectures on infectious diseases and infections in tropical countries.


To date, independent travel agents ina competitive environment is becoming increasingly difficult to survive and provide a full range of services from the hotel, transportation and sale of tour packages. Therefore, all the more popular brands of network management with centralized in one office. In the West, the tourist industry is increasingly moving into the sector of online sales technology. Russian companies Those who repeat these trends, obtained in this way up to 50% of their income, so this method of business organization should adopt the newly established companies.

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