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How to create a therapeutic environment with counseling

How to create a therapeutic environment with counseling

Creating a therapeutic climate is an important component of psychological counseling.

The favorable atmosphere contributes to mutual trust, which helps to effectively solve difficult life situations.



Take a genuine interest in the other party. interested in him as an individual person and not as a regular object of study.


Give all your attention to the client. The office should not attend the people distracting from counseling. It should also disable mobile devices, gadgets.


It is not necessary to give the customer an estimate of its activities. Take it for what it is.


Do not give the client advice on how to exit from any situation. A person should be responsible for themselves.


Observe the line between the necessary feedback and return misplaced curiosity.


Honor the professional ethics of psychologist-counselor. Do not abuse the trust of the client.


Equip office to advise properly. Avoid the portraits on the walls, aggressive tones of the walls, furniture and other household items.


If a client is afraid to open up, show him his disposition to talk and empathy. One can cite as an example the cases of their own life experiences.


Always show respect towards the customer, even if your values ​​and outlook on life are not the same.


Warn the client that any sessionCounseling may cause emotional pain. If you see that person for a long time is uncomfortable and can not cope with it, you should complete the consultation.

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