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How to create a therapeutic climate in counseling


How to create a therapeutic climate in counseling</a>

The creation of a therapeutic climate is an important component of psychological counseling.

A favorable atmosphere promotes mutual trust, which helps to solve more difficult life situations more effectively.



Show genuine interest to the interlocutor. Be interested in them as a single individual, and not as another object of study.


Give the client all their attention. There should not be people distracting from counseling in the office. You should also disable mobile devices, gadgets.


Do not give the client an evaluation of his activities. Accept it as it is.


Do not give advice to the client about ways to get out of any situation. A person should be responsible for himself.


Observe the line between the necessary feedback and irrelevant curiosity.


Read the professional ethics of a counselor psychologist. Do not abuse the client's trust.


Equip the consulting room properly. Avoid portraits on walls, aggressive shades of walls, furniture and other household items.


If the client is afraid to open up, then show him his predisposition to talk and empathy. You can cite cases from your own life experience.


Always show respect to the client, even if your values ​​and views on life do not match.


Inform the client that any sessionCounseling can cause heartache. If you see that a person for a long time feels uncomfortable and does not cope with it, then you should finish the counseling.

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