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How to create a website html wildcard

How to create a website html wildcard

In our days the question "why do you need a website" is not sound. Everyone understands that to inform a lot of people, you need to actively use Internet resources.

That it helps to sell goods and services.

In this connection, there is another question: where to go for help in building a website. If a company is medium or large, its leadership can afford to order a website for the professionals. And if a company only develops and budget is low? There is an exit.

Its site - available to everyone

; Not many people know that to create a website is not sodifficult, if have the knowledge and skills of a certain kind. Most sites on the Internet are created in one of the most famous of the HTML programming language. With it, a user of the Internet space tells the web browser the information you need. HTML (from the English HyperText Markup Language -. «Hypertext markup language") - a standard markup language documents used on the Internet.
; With the help of HTML, which is responsible for the content,and css (cascading style sheets) creates a template or layout of the site. If you do not own vast knowledge of programming and a website you really need, then you can take advantage of free templates, which are distributed on the Internet in large numbers.
; In this situation, you will need a basic knowledge of the tags used in HTML. Tags (English «tag».) - Special characters that are enclosed in angle brackets. For example,

. . To acquaint you with the tags may tutorial on HTML htmlbook.ru.
; In addition, it is necessary to know the structure of the markuppage. So the main part of it is the cap site, or «header», site navigation (menu of the website), which is horizontal and vertical. The body of the page, or the «body», which houses the main content of the site. "Basement" site ( «footer»), including contact information. Here are the basic concepts.

How to create a website using a template from the Internet

; So, first download the template from the Internetaccording to subject alleged site. It is a zipped folder. Unpack and see that there are several files. To work needed index file. In it you will see the layout of the elements described above. This is a text document with a resolution of .html. written in HTML. Open this document using a standard notebook, which is probably already installed on your computer. In the same file folder are with styles and images of the future site.
Then, between the tags

you have to write the name of your intended website. The container put the basic information on the site. between tags

You put your lists menu. And yet, your site is ready.
; The template on the Internet, you can pick up on the subject of the future site.
; The site is ready, it is necessary to place on the Internet, and it can be fully and bring you benefits without extra costs.

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