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How to create a spaceship

How to create a spaceship

After watching the famous series "Starwar, "many want to feel as one of the heroes, or to fly on the same spacecraft. With the advent of the Internet dream come true fans.

Someone is playing in your favorite characters, and someone he creates a spacecraft using a computer and the Internet.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - a computer-
  • - The program Corel Draw-
  • - Cymmetrical Lattice program.



When you create a future spacecraft necessary to take the help of two programs: Corel Draw and Cymmetrical Lattice.


The program Corel Draw, draw a diagram of the ship's future. With the points marked the approximate size of the ship, and then in the resulting space is schematically drawn wings and nose of the spaceship.


Create an outline of the ship using Corel softwareDraw. Draw a picture of the ship, and for a more accurate and plausible this type of transport is necessary to adhere to the following requirements: high resolution images, smooth transition of colors, black background and the square shape of the original scheme.


Use the program Cymmetrical Lattice. It is a primitive program and allows you to create simple models. When you open the program, configure all the parameters for image processing and creation of models. To do this, select the tab Grid and set the desired size.


Create a texture for it in this menuMaterial labs program selected tab, after it selected the button with the letter "P" and there is an image of squares. Then, the desired color is selected and placed in the upper square, and nearby there is white, you end up with a new color. Here it is the texture.


Create a model of the spacecraft and the loadimage for this Pictures to press buttons and Apply. These two buttons are loaded and processed the scheme, which was created in Corel Draw program. For a more accurate model of the starship select Raiser.


Draw the smallest details. In order to put the extra touches in the form of various logos or labels, you must use the same methods of texture mapping in Corel Draw, and that when you create a ship.


Draw joints, but to create these elements,You need to use another kind of texture. It is created in the same way as the previous one, with the only difference that should be immediately tick the words "Elevation Exaggeration" and "Stitches". Virtual spaceship ready!

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