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How to form a skill


How to form a skill</a>

Skill is an action that is formed by repeated repetition and brought to automatism.

Any new way of acting as a result of repetitions can subsequently be carried out without the participation of conscious control.

Some useful recommendations will help to form correctly the skills when teaching children.



The requirements that are imposed on the student,Should be presented gradually, in small portions. A student should be able to receive positive reinforcement. Raising the criterion very strongly, you force the child to make an effort more significant than before. Such a jump can disrupt the behavior that is being formed.


Do not try to form a behavioral skillBy several criteria at the same time. In a specific period of time, only one action should be practiced. A competent teacher achieves success in solving one task, and only then goes on to another. Try to break the task into several parts and work them out consistently. Training with this approach will go faster.


Before raising the criterion, useThe scale of reinforcements achieved to date. If you are going to introduce a new criterion, temporarily relax the previous criteria. Reinforcement should be positive, swearing and pointless moralizing are not pedagogical.


The skill development program must beIs planned so that when you make a significant leap forward you could foresee how to reinforce the behavior in the future. To such a jerk one must be ready, he is very important for the student in the emotional aspect.


Do not change the coach half way. It is advisable that the formation of the skill goes under the guidance of one person.


If some procedure of developing a skill does not lead to a successful result, set it aside. Try a different method, take a flexible approach to learning.


Complete each lesson with positive reinforcement. The lack of reinforcement can be perceived as equal to punishment.


If the developed behavior worsens,To reconsider procedure of development of skill. There is no sense in making the student repeat the action indefinitely to achieve the desired result. It is better to go back to the beginning and try to undergo the process with reinforcement in new conditions.


Having achieved the desired success, stop work. It is very important to complete the process of forming a skill on a high note.

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