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How to create a skill

How to create a skill

Skill is an action, which is formed by the repeated recurrence and brought to automatism.

Any new mode of action as a result of repetitions can then be carried out without conscious control.

Some helpful suggestions will help to develop the skills in teaching children.



Requirements that apply to the student,It should be presented gradually, in small portions. The student must be able to receive positive reinforcement. By raising the criterion is very strong, you make an effort to make the child more significant than ever before. This leap could disrupt behavior formed.


Do not try to shape the behavioral skillsby several criteria in one and the same time. In the span of only one specific action should be time to work out. A competent teacher is successful in solving a problem, and then moves on to another. Try to break the task into several components and to fulfill them consistently. Education go faster in this approach.


Before you raise the criterion of usescale reinforcements made to date results. If you are going to introduce a new criterion for the duration of the previous loosen criteria. Reinforcements must be positive, swearing and pointless moralizing nepedagogichno.


skill developing program should beIt planned in such a way that when making a significant leap forward that you can anticipate how to reinforce behavior in the future. Such a breakthrough is necessary to be prepared, it is very important for the student emotionally.


Do not change the coach at half way. It is desirable that the formation of skill went under the leadership of one man.


If any procedure to develop skills does not lead to a successful result, it set aside to the side. Try a different methodology, show a flexible approach to learning.


Each lesson concludes with a positive reinforcement. Lack of reinforcement can be taken equal to the punishment.


If the learned behavior is getting worse, it should berevise the procedure for developing skills. It makes no sense to force the student to repeat the action indefinitely in order to achieve the desired result. It is better to go back and try to go through the process with reinforcement in the new environment.


Having achieved the desired success, stop work. It is important to complete the process of skill formation on a high note.

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