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for recyclables collection service will help people to get rid of kilograms of waste paper

There are some activities, which no one would never be thought of as a serious business, but which, nevertheless, give a good profit.

Among other profitable industries, disguised as socially useful work? collection of waste paper.

If you know that a particular area of ​​this case no one has not yet been engaged, you have a chance to earn good money by opening its own receiving station.

You will need

  • 1. The certificate of registration of IP
  • 2. Warehouse for storing recyclables
  • 3. The vehicle is suitable for the transport of waste paper
  • 4. Agreement with entrepreneurs to buy up large batches of wastepaper



Adjust any Storeroom(Basement, garage, shed) a warehouse, which will store the extracted kilograms of paper for recycling. We should make sure that people have access here, and at certain hours to take those who will come to you to take the trash for a small fee. However, if you want to achieve really significant results, wait, sitting on a stock when you bring tons of paper, it is not necessary? We have to be active yourself.


Get a vehicle (passengertrailer), which will enable to transport the warehouse recycled extracted as a result of active job search engine. This work will be as follows: it is necessary to go around to personally working area? (Or send it to aides) and to offer to all the people living here to hand over old newspapers, deposits of printed documents and any other waste paper.


Try to reach an agreement with the largest possiblethose located within the reach of institutions that have as a result of its activities a large amount of paper waste. Hand over the trash, you are interested, want many shops, offices, schools. Agree with their staff on how to enable you to regularly come and pick up the paper recycled, eliminating the need to remove it yourself.


Connect to the collection of waste paper of all who havea lot of free time and are interested in the reward that you can offer for cooperation in its collection point. Assistants in your business can be both students and the elderly, with the nearby houses an extensive circle of acquaintances.

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