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How to create a separate division

How to create a separate division

The founders of the legal entity in connection with the expansion of businesses often decide to create a separate division.

To do this, management needs to solve a number of tasks, the amount of which depends on the type of the opened a separate division.

You will need

  • - documentation-
  • - Statement.



To open a branch, ie& Nbsp- separate division of the territory, partially or completely performs organizational functions, fill in the articles of association accordingly. Develop and approve regulations on the branch, put it on the property. Apply for authorization for a designated organization branch manager. To learn more, and what to do, read the article. 55 of the Civil Code.


To create a representative, representingthe interests of the organization and protecting them, enter all the information about him in the constituent documents. Assign the Head of Mission and complete authority on it.


If you do not intend to grant a new unitauthorized representative office or branch - open a separate division. At the same time, keep in mind that the branch office, and - the concept of civil law, whereas the & nbsp- separate division - the term tax.


In paragraph 2 of Art.11 of the Tax Code says that any unit is considered separate, geographically separate from the main organization, which for more than a month with a working space. Register it with the tax office, no further action is required.


When you select the desired shapea separate division - the news of the opening of his tax office, and it is one in which the main office is registered in your organization. To do this, fill out an application form number 1-2-Accounting. Do this for one month after opening the unit to avoid a penalty.


Provide inspection the following documents:
- A copy of constituent documents containing information about filiale-
- Order establishing filiala-
- An extract from the register confirming the information on the establishment of a branch in reestr-
- Covering letter, which identifies the data of the chief accountant and head of the branch, bank account details, contact numbers.

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