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How to create a rhythm


How to create a rhythm</a>

The drum machine is a very convenient musical instrument.

It can be programmed, after which it will automatically play the given rhythm on the virtual reels.

But what if you do not have a drum machine?



Install Flash Player on your computer, preferably the latest version.


Enter the phrase "flash drum machine", "swf drum machine" or "online drum machine" into the search engine.


Try to run virtual drum machines byQueue. Choose among them the one that most pleased you in taste in terms of design, sound quality, ease of control. Do not run several such applets at once in different tabs, otherwise the computer may slow down.


Learn how to program a virtual drum machine. In fact, its control panel is a two-dimensional matrix. By its vertical coordinate, the instrument numbers are located from the top down, and the time horizontally is laid along the horizontal left-to-right. The number of both depends on the program you select. At their intersection are virtual buttons with a lock, each of which can be in the pressed or pressed position. The marker cycles through the discretes of time from left to right, and whenever its horizontal coordinate coincides with the horizontal coordinate of the pressed button, the instrument whose number corresponds to the vertical coordinate of this button sounds.


Some drum machines allow you to setLoudness of sounding instruments. To do this, one click on the virtual button, select half the volume, the second - full, and the third - again, turn it off. Buttons whose positions correspond to half or full volume usually differ from each other in color.


Learn how to use the controls of the drum machine: tempo control, start and stop buttons.


Online drum machines usually do not allow the preservation of ready-made rhythmS. Take a screenshot of the page, and when you later need to reproduce the same rhythm, Enter it again - it's not long.

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