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How to create a rhythm

How to create a rhythm

Drum Machine - a very handy instrument.

It can be programmed, after which it will automatically play a rhythm on a given virtual drums.

But what to do if there is no drum machine?



Install the program on your computer, Flash Player, it is desirable to the latest version.


Type the phrase into a search engine flash drum machine, swf drum machine or online drum machine.


Try to run virtual drum machinesqueue. Choose among them the one that best came to your taste in terms of design, sound quality, comfort and control. Do not run more than one of these applets in different tabs, otherwise the computer may slow down work.


Learn how to program a virtual drum machine. In fact, its control panel is a two-dimensional matrix. In its downward vertical coordinate tools arranged numbers and the horizontal from left to right are laid discrete unit of time. The amount of both of them depends on the program you choose. At their intersection are virtual buttons with fixation, each of which may be in the filter or down. Marker cyclically runs through the discrete time left, and whenever it coincides with the horizontal coordinate of the horizontal coordinate of the pressed button, the instrument sounds, the number of which corresponds to the vertical coordinate of the button.


Some drum machines allow you to specifythe volume of the sound of instruments. To do this, the touch of a virtual button, select the volume to half, the second - the full, and the third - turn it off again. Buttons, the provisions of which correspond to a half or a full volume, usually differ from each other in color.


Learn to use the organs of control drum machine: the rate of control, start and stop buttons.


Online drum machine does not usually allow for preservation of finished rhythms. Take a screenshot of the page, and when in the future will need to reproduce the same rhythmEnter it again - it's not for long.

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