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How to create a report of the cashier

How to make a report of the cashier

Any movement of money at the box office of the organization should certainly be properly executed.

To do this, you need to make a report to the cashier, whosubsequently transferred to the accounting department for further integration. In some smaller organizations do not have the staffing position of "cashier", so the person responsible for the management and execution of cash documents is the chief accountant.

To meet the cash discipline is very important to execute all documents.



The report cashier should be formed in those days, when there were any movement by hand: whether payment of the money under the report or the payment of wages.


The report made by the cashier must contain the sameinformation as supplementary sheet cash book. Typically, there are programs for accounting forms that are automatically generated when entering of data. If you are using manual registration, the form reportand the cashier is a copy of the loose-leaf.


Cashier report should contain information such as the serial number of the document drafting date, amount, and name of the operation.


TO reportthe cashier attach all the documents confirming the movement of money. If this issue under reportAttach the account cash warrant (Form№KO-2). If you receive cash on hand organization, attach a cash order (form №KO-1). If this issue of wages, attach payroll (Form Wm-53) in addition to the account cash warrant.


It is advisable report cashier conduct in a separate folder. Complement it in chronological order, at the end of the period (it could be a month, quarter, six months, a year, etc.), then sew all the sheets, please number. At the end on the last page write "stitched, numbered and sealed (specify how many sheets)." When calculating consider and receipts, and orders, and statements.


remember, that report the cashier is a copy of the loose-leaf, but with more extended information. The difference is that it should be signed by the cashier and the cash book - the chief accountant and head of the organization.


The bank, which services you may require documents to verify conducting cash discipline, in which case you will need to provide in addition to the cash book itself report.

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