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How to create an act of reconciliation in 1s

Not so long ago there was a new version of "1C: Enterprise", which provides users with the possibility of forming acts of reconciliation, using accounting data.

Based on the fact that the official form of the act has not yet been approved, the act of reconciliation in 1C 7.7 requires consideration of the order, which was formed in the accounting practice in recent years.



The report can be accessed from the "Reports" menu -"Specialist" - "act of reconciliation". Then, use the tab "Reconciliation Settings." You must install the basic parameters of reconciliation: - the counterparty with whom carried sverka- period sverki- accounts that are subject to verification - on the list you want to select the account whose data is to be reconciled with the counterparty sverke- can be performed by a particular contract or as a whole .


Once configured all the necessary settings, press the button "Fill" to automatically fill in the table operations.


Reconciliation Act requires 1C in the "Table of ContentsOperation "stamped summary of the operation, the date, the amount in foreign currency (if payments are made in foreign currency). In the column "Document" recorded document, which is an accounting company. In the "Debit" column shall indicate the amount drawn on debit current accounts. In the "Credit" column notes the amount that is held by credit current accounts. Once the table is filled automatically in the tab "Settings reconciliation" message pops up on the debt is estimated by the end of the reconciliation period.


In practice, the situation can arise when an act1C intercalculation requires correction data which has been obtained by automatic means. You may also find that a document has not been held in registered or did not get a table, even though there is. Within the program, there are many opportunities for change created by the operations of the table by pressing the button "Edit".


Also, before you print the certificate on the tab"Those who sign the act", enter some data: - date and place of the signing of the recog- nition of the person who signed the act on the part of counterparties employee who signed an act on the part of the organization. After clicking the "Print" button to create a printed form of an act of reconciliation. The form is filled by default with the organization. Making the act of reconciliation in 1C in this way is very convenient if you do not know the source data.

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