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How to create a quest


How to create a quest game</a>

Any thinking person sooner or later starts to create.

Someone chooses music, someone writes books, and someone creates their own quests.

After all, this is not only a way to tell a story, but also an opportunity to work on a million details and details, to create a vibrant interactive world.



Create a text quest. Games of this genre were popular in the 80's, when high-quality computer graphics did not exist in principle, and developers were more comfortable verbally describe what is happening. Find the appropriate editor is not so difficult, it is much more difficult to correctly submit a product so unusual for our time. In this game, the atmosphere and immersion are most important, the quality of the written must be at the level of this book. It is due to the tremendous literary component of such projects as Zork, remain interesting and relevant until now.


Create a quest for the finished RPG. The main bonus of this approach: before you will be a ready-made world, populated by many characters and having a lot of opportunities. For example - Fallout: New Vegas. After studying the principles of creating quests (usually enough for several video lessons), you can tell the story of any complexity, inscribed in the plot of the game. In addition, no one interferes with putting the modification on the Internet, so that any user can get acquainted with your creation.


Use the engine to create graphicalQuests. This approach will allow you to create a full-fledged, independent, high-quality and nothing like product. There are several technologies that are different in complexity: some allow you to start working at all without any preparation and have an intuitive interface, while others, on the contrary, require more time for mastering, but offer ample opportunities. You can consider Polar Adventure Game Studio and Wintermute Engine. Games created on the first, much more, but the games on the second, as a rule, better.


Work through the game all the little things. Speaking directly about the implementation of the project, it is important to mention that quality is formed not only from a magnificent plot, but also from thoughtfulness and fullness. The best games are those in which much attention is given to secondary characters, music, background drawing and other details. Play in the classic quests from LucasArts - at the time of pixel graphics developers paid more attention to the study of the world, and that's why the games of this company became legendary.

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