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How to create a quest

How to create a quest game

Any thinking person will sooner or later begin to create.

Someone chooses the music, someone writes a book, and someone creates their own quests.

It is not just a way to tell a story, but also the opportunity to work on a million little things and details to create a bright interactive world.



Create a text adventure. Games of this genre was popular in the 80s, when the quality of computer graphics did not exist at all, and it was more convenient for developers to verbally describe what is happening. Find the appropriate editor is not that difficult, much more difficult to correctly apply such an unusual product for our time. In this game the most important thing and the atmosphere dive, the quality should be written at the level of this book. It is due to the stunning literary component projects such as Zork, are interesting and relevant to this day.


Create a quest for ready-RPG. The main bonus of this approach: in front of you will have already finished a world populated by a variety of characters and having a lot of opportunities. For example - Fallout: New Vegas. Having studied the principles creating quests (usually this is enough for several video lessons), you can tell the story of any complexity, inscribed in the plot of the game. In addition, no one bothers to put revision on the internet, so that any user can become familiar with your creation.


Use the slider to create graphicsquests. This approach will allow you to create a full, independent, high-quality and nothing on a similar product. There are several technologies that differ in their complexity: one for developers to start work at all without any training and have an intuitive interface, the other on the other hand - need more time to learn, but offer opportunities. Polar can assume Adventure Game Studio and Wintermute Engine. Games created on the ground, much more, but the game in the second, as a rule, higher quality.


Having worked in the game all the details. Speaking directly on the implementation of the project, it is important to mention that the quality is composed not only of a great story, but also because of sophistication and fullness. The best games are those in which much attention is paid to minor characters, music, drawing the background and other details. Play the classic quests from LucasArts - in times of pixel graphics developers pay more attention to exploring the world, and that's why this game companies have become legendary.

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