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How to create a request

How to create a request

Every day we have to solve a lot of problems.

To successfully address them requires answers to the questions. From "what is the weather today" and ending with "the Polish zloty exchange rate against the Russian ruble"

Internet and search engines allow to find answers to almost all questions, but with one condition: they must be set correctly.



Search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler, Mail, Yahoo, and others.) Are designed to provide users with necessary information. They do this on the basis of search query.Poiskovye Queries can be of three types:
- Information. The user is looking for accurate information (whether it is on any website). For example: "Hymn of Russia."
- Navigation. The user searches for the website address on which is located the necessary information. For example: "The site of the Moscow State University them. MV Lomonosov ".
- Transactional. The user is ready to commit any action, and he needs the information about it. For example: "Disk Format" .Itak, the first thing to do when forming search query - Determine what you are looking for.


Search engine - is a massive database of allinformation which "decomposed" on the shelves - keywords. After you specify a search term is searched for keywords and returns the result poiska.Rasprostranennaya mistake beginners is that they perceive the search engine as a companion who knows everything, and set the search query, like this: "Do not tell, how to remove the stain with a brand new blouse? It is silk. " Naturally, the use of such query It will be minimal.Much more effective would be such a request, "the white silk blouse clean spot" .Itak, the second thing to do - to generate the request. It should be as simple and contain keywords.


Once the machine will process your request, itwill give results. Typically, all of the most suitable are the first two to three pages. Followed by search results that only partially satisfy zapros.Odnako, there are situations where you need a very rare information - then we need to sort out several combinations of keywords in a search query and carefully filter the data.
sometimes also have to look for rare information,that "contained" in the popular keywords. For example, if you specify search query "Marx publisher Picture", then the search engine will find many pictures of Karl Marx, the publisher of Karl Marx, but in order to find a picture of AF Marx, publisher have potruditsya.Itak, the third thing to do in order to find success - the right sort information.

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