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How to generate a request

How to generate a request</a>

Every day we have to solve many problems.

To successfully solve them, we need answers to the questions: from "what is today's weather" to "the Polish zloty to the Russian ruble exchange rate".

The Internet and search engines allow finding answers to almost all questions, but with one condition: they must be set correctly.



Search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler, Mail, Yahoo, etc.) are designed to provide users with the right information. They do it on the basis of search Request. Search requests can be of three types:
- Informational. The user is looking for accurate information (no matter what site it is on). For example: "The Hymn of Russia".
- Navigation. The user searches for the address of the site on which the information of interest can be found. For example: "The site of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. "
- Transactional. The user is ready to take any action and he needs information about it. For example: "disk formatting". So, the first thing to do when creating a search Request - determine what exactly you are looking for.


The search engine is a huge database, the wholeInformation in which is "spread out" on the shelves - keywords. After you set the search query, a search is made for the keywords and the search result is produced. The common mistake of novice users is that they perceive the search engine as an interlocutor who knows everything and ask a search query, for example: "Do not tell me, How to remove a stain with a brand new blouse? It's silk. " Naturally, the benefit of this Request Will be minimal.Much more effective will be such a request: "a white silk blouse to remove a stain." So, the second thing to do is to properly form a query. It should be as simple as possible and contain keywords.


After the machine processes your request, itWill return the search results. As a rule, all the most suitable results are on the first two or three pages. Then there are search results that only partially satisfy the query. However, there are situations when very little information is needed - then you have to sort through several combinations of keywords in the search query and very carefully filter the data.
Also, sometimes you have to look for rare information,Which is "contained" in popular keywords. For example, if you set the search query "Marx photo publisher", then the search engine will find a lot of photos of Karl Marx, the publisher of Karl Marx, but in order to find a photograph of A.F. Marx, the publisher, will have to work hard. So, the third thing that needs to be done in order for the search to succeed is to sort the information correctly.

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