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How to create a disk partition

How to create a disk partition

Modern hard drives have long been no surpriseits capacity of several hundred gigabytes, or a couple of terabytes. For writing on the hard disk of the operating system and the programs for operation in most cases need not exceed 30 gigabytes of space.

Remaining space can be used, for example, for file storage.

With proper setup malfunction of one of the parts of the hard drive will not affect other parts.

But to use this convenient feature, you must create a partition.



There are about a dozen of the most popularprograms to work with disk partitions. Among them: Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Manager, Norton PartitionMagic, the DOS utility fdisk, Partition Commander, and so on. To create a partition, we will use one of the most popular programs of its kind - Acronis Disk Director. We recommend using this program, which is part of every LiveCD disc. This will bypass some functional limitations, in particular, on the partitioning of the system hard drive.


After starting the program window will appear on the rightsome of which are installed on the computer hard drives, and can be seen on the left side? a list of available operations are grouped into different blocks. We are interested in the field? Partition Master ?. Select the right side of the hard drive, with which we will work on the left side - Create section ?.


In the next two windows concretize the program from which the existing partition on which of the hard disk drives will create a new partition. Click? Next ?.


The program will scan the disc and is alreadyexisting partitions on it, and then prompt you to specify a size for your disk partition. You can move the slider, corresponding to the size of a section, or enter the size of the figures in the designated field.


In the next window, specify the type to be createdsection. A total of three: primary, active and logical. If you do not want to install multiple operating systems on your computer, you will need to choose between active and logical. Active? This section, which comes with the operating system loading. A logical partition is used to store files.


Select the type of the new file system partitiondisc and label. Among the most common file system NTFS and FAT32. NTFS - younger filesystem on it employs all the latest version of Windows. At the same time, some experts believe that the FAT32 is more stable and better suited for storing files. Disc Label can be left empty: it may not affect anything.


In the next window we can see a graphical representation of disk partitions, which are obtained after the implementation of all of the above operations. Push the button? Finish ?.


We returned to the main window. Now you need to give the command for the implementation of all actions, because everything we have done before, it was only set up the operation. To do this at the top of the window click on the button with the image of black-and-white flag, which when you hover the mouse pointer shows the name? Start ?. When all is done, the program will inform us about this service message.

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