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How to create a page on your site

How to create a page on your site

Many new webmasters are interested in how to make their pages.

Create a page on your website is very simple, if you use this popular and easy-to Dreamweaver program simplifies the process of creating and structuring websites.

In this guide we'll show you how with the help of this program you can create any kind of the desired page.

You will need

  • - Dreamweaver program



Open Dreamweaver and click on the section? Files ?. Enter the path to the folder that you choose to host the page, and then click the? New file naming him ?, presumably index.html.


Open the created file and locate the tags & lt-head & gt-. Between these tags record the list of meta tags, which will contribute to an improved indexing of your site:
& Lt-title & gt-header of your page & lt- / title & gt-

& Lt-meta http-equiv = »Content-Language» content = »ru» & gt- - language used on the page

& Lt-meta http-equiv = »Content-Type» content = »text / html- charset = windows-1251" & gt- - used on the site encoding

& Lt-meta content = »Content Author Name» & gt-

& Lt-meta content = »Description Content« & gt- page

& Lt-meta content = »Key words« & gt-


By setting meta tags, select the type of display page structure? Separately ?, to have a single window display and the code, and the final version of the page.


The code of the add after the tag & lt-body & gt- tags & lt-table & gt- & lt-tr & gt- & lt-td & gt- & lt- / td & gt- & lt- / tr & gt- & lt- / table & gt-.


Inside the column & lt-td & gt- tag write any word to focus on the contents of the newly created table. ?


At the bottom of the display site, right-click the displayed item and select the table? Table? divided cell ?. Select how much you want to add rows and columns in the table.


Edit the column height and width by changing the tag & lt-td & gt- following parameter: & lt-td colspan = »3" & gt-. The figure, you can specify any.


Add the same height and width tag tag table width = »» and height = »«. It is better to specify the settings are not in pixels, and the percentage that the site was able to adjust to any screen and any browser.

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