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How to create a new network connection

How to create a new network connection

When installing the drivers for the network card, network connection is created automatically.

If it has been installed correctly or need to create extra network connection, such as the Internet or a connection to another computer directly, this can be done manually.



To do this, go to the operating system. If an operating system of Windows, then go to the menu? Start ?, further point to? Control Panel ?, if it does not, then choose first? Setup ?, and then? Control Panel ?. If this too is not present, then you can go to? My Computer? using the labels on the right in the system tray, press? Control Panel ?.


Then go to? Networking? and network Taskbar right click? Creating a network connection ?. This will open the New Connection Wizard. Here you can choose the item you need. For example, to create an internet connection point to? Connect to the Internet ?, and click? Next ?, point to? Set up my connection manually ?, continue to choose your connection type.


After that you need to make network settingsconnection. If an Internet connection, then you must enter a user name and password. necessary to prescribe a minimum network settings to connect via LAN. To do this, go to set up the network connection, select Internet Protocol (TCPIP) ?, click Properties ?, select the Use the following IP-address ?, enter your settings, such as ip-address:???, Subnet Mask: 255.255 .0.0, default gateway:, type the following preferred DNS as needed.


For the Linux operating system come? System ?, then choose? Administration ?, then? Network settings ?.


In Mac OS, the operating system creates a network connection as well as in the Windows Control Panel.


Most often, for the network to create a network connection is not necessary. It is created when the network card and driver installation. You will need to make the necessary parameters.

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