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How to create a new network connection


How to create a new network connection</a>

When you install the drivers for the network card, the network connection is created automatically.

If it was not installed correctly, or you need to create a network connection in addition, for example, for the Internet or connecting to another computer directly, you can do it manually.



To do this, you need to log into the operating system. If it's an operating system from the Windows family, go to the "Start" menu, then select "Control Panel", if not, select "Setup" first, then "Control Panel". If there is not one, then you can go to? My computer? Using the shortcut, on the right side of the system task pane, click? Control Panel ?.


Then go to? Network connections? And in the network task pane on the right, click? Create a network connection ?. The New Connection Wizard opens. Here, choose the item that you need. For example, to create an Internet connection, select the item "Connect to the Internet", click "Next", select the item "Set up the connection manually", then select the type of your connection.


After that, you need to make the network settingsConnection. If this is an Internet connection, you must enter a user name and password. To connect through the local network, you need to set minimum network parameters. To do this, go to the created network connection, select the item "Internet Protocol (TCPIP)", click "Properties", select the item "Use the following IP address?", Enter your parameters, for example ip-address:, subnet mask: 255.255 .0.0, the default gateway is, then enter the preferred DNS if necessary.


For the Linux operating system, go to "System", then select "Administration", then "Network settings".


In Mac OS, a network connection is created just like in Windows in the control panel.


Most often, you do not need to create a network connection to connect to the network. It is created when you turn on the network card and install the drivers. You will need to make the necessary settings.

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