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How to create a new Mail


How to create a new Mail</a>

E-mail is a convenient means of friendly and business communication, exchange of various kinds of files.

Now almost everyone has their own electronic box, its presence is mandatory when registering on most sites.



Open the server on which you want to create</a> Your email. If you already have a mailbox, exit it by clicking on "Sign out".


In the email authorization field, click the "Register" or "Create mailbox" button.


Before you opened the registration window. You need to fill out some personal information. Look at the graphs marked with asterisks. They are mandatory for registration. You can leave the rest of the fields blank if you do not want to.


When answering the necessary queries, write your ownSurname and name, so your mail will be signed. Fill in the birth date fields (the system will regularly congratulate you on the holiday). If you find it necessary, indicate your gender and place of residence - country and city.


Think of the name of the mailbox! It can contain your name and surname, a friendly nickname. If you are creating an e-mail address for work, write down your position or company name. Think of any expression. If it is not occupied by registered users, the system will immediately approve it. Otherwise you will have to come up with another address.


Create a complex password for your electronicBox. To protect your account from hacking, write down a password of 9-16 characters. Do not use ordinary words or names. A complex password must contain numbers, letters of different registers (lowercase and uppercase), punctuation marks and extra-text characters. Be sure to write down the password in the notepad so you do not forget it.


In the "Repeat password" field, enter the personal password again to confirm it and to avoid an error when entering.


Reinsure in case you forgetpassword. Tie up your e-mail box to your personal mobile phone. The cellular number will be hidden from all users, even your friends by correspondence. But if you lose your password after your request, you will receive SMS-instructions on your phone with the restoration of access to the e-mail service.


After you have filled in all the required fields, click the "Register" button and in a moment start work.

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