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How to create a new database in 1s Accounting


How to create a new database in 1s Accounting</a>

Often an experienced accountant serves more than oneSeveral organizations. If the type of taxation and commercial activities are similar, an accountant with experience will not be difficult to maintain the documentation of several firms.

Many will agree that it is most convenient to leadAccounting reporting in the 1C program, however, one session of the program supports work with only one organization, and the database of documents for each enterprise must be established separately.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - the Internet-
  • - program 1C.



Find through the "My Computer" folder in whichPlace the database of documents already processed by the organization. If you do not remember exactly where on the hard drive it is, run the program 1C by double-clicking on the icon. In the "Start 1C" window, select the already connected database, which is suitable as a prototype for copying. Click the "Edit" button and look at the path to the database. Cancel the change and close the previous window.


Copy the entire contents of the prototype database to a new oneFolder completely. Name the folder an accessible language, so that later there are no questions about which organization it refers to. Run the 1C program again, and this time click the "Add" button. Give the name of the database, again, sufficiently identifying the database being created. Specify the path to the new database by clicking on the button, which is called "Add." Confirm your choice and wait for the program to load.


Go to the menu "Service", "AboutOrganization ", and change the details and other registration data to the information of the connected enterprise. This method is very simple and excludes any fuss with the settings and configurator of the program. However, the new enterprise inherits all the documentation along with the database. You can remove unnecessary by marking documents for deletion. Directories of counterparties and employees (if the organizations are related) you will still be useful.


In general, it can be said that creating new basesUsing the software 1C on a personal computer is not too difficult. On the Internet there are also various videos that clearly demonstrate the work with this software. You can use similar materials for a more understandable and quick study of the 1C program.

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