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How to create a new account

How to create a new account

Any organization engaged in the sale of its products, works or services is faced with the need to create an account in the accounting program "1C: Enterprise".



Start the program "1C: Enterprise". Open the Documents menu, select "Account". A window will appear with a new account. Document number and registration date is set automatically by the program, but if necessary can be changed by pressing the appropriate button. Note that this number must be unique.


"Payer" Fill in the field. Click on the list of counterparties, customers, and select the appropriate. If the company is cooperating with the first buyer, then go to the directory of contractors and make all the details of the company: name of organization, CPT, VAT number and registered office.


"Agreement" Fill in the field. This section can be specified as the contract with the counterparty, the buyer, and received the letter, application form and fax messages. Select the document from the list. To create a new contract, click on the icon "New Line" on the keyboard or on the Insert key. Fill in all the fields in the window that appears and click "OK".


Specify the name of goods sold(Works or services). Click the icon "New Line" on the keyboard or on the Insert key. A form will appear in which you must select the appropriate account goods.


Fill in the columns indicating the quantity of goods andprice per unit, if they are not listed by the program automatically. The program will calculate the total cost will pay the value added tax and give an overall price for the commodity. If you want to print the created document, then click on the "Print" button. Invoice layout appears, check the correctness of the accounts of all the features and send it to print. In the printed document, stamped and certified by the signature of the chief accountant, and (or) the director of the company. Give or send the completed document to the buyer.

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