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How to create a network of shops

How to create a network of shops

Be the owner of your own shop with the right approach to work very profitable. But still more profitable to have a whole network in different cities.

It seems that organize it very expensive and difficult, but there are various tricks that will help to do this easily.

You will need

  • - business plan-
  • - The registration and licensing dokumenty-
  • - pomeschenie-
  • - postavschiki-
  • - employees-
  • - Advertising.



To become the owner of the chain stores, in the firstall you need to select the product that you sell. When you are with a range of approximately decide, make a business plan for the future organization. In principle, it is possible to calculate costs and revenues for a single store, the data for all the others will be about the same.


Register your company to the tax office. It is best to open a limited liability company, but also to individual entrepreneurs, too, was not forbidden to open trading networks. Depending on the type of products sold to you may require different permits.


If funds for the opening of severalstores do not have enough, then try to start with the organization of the sales point at the place of your residence. Pick a room, to make repairs, install commercial equipment.


By entering into contracts with suppliers, just let them know about your plans and discuss the possibility of providing you with discounts increasing procurement volume.


Pick employees. In the future net functioned effectively, you need notOnly employees of a trading hall, but also a control for each store. In order to provide legal, accounting, cleaning and other services, you can seek the assistance of specialized firms that do not spend in vain to this effort.


Further, care should be taken about advertising. This can be ads in the local media, posters, leaflets, banners. Well, to the opening of the store was expected, loud, memorable. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of name chain stores and corporate identity development. If you own resources is not enough, then it can be charged branding company.


When the first store opened and began a successfulactivities, you can proceed to the next organization. Only then you will be easier to obtain loans under the business plan or the security of the first store.

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