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How to create a natural makeup for tsvetotipu

How to create a natural makeup for tsvetotipu

The fashion for natural makeup is gaining momentum.

Makeup artists are increasingly recommended to refuse variegated shades of shadows and lipsticks and replaced by stock means capable to emphasize the natural beauty.

The palette of natural make-up depends onnatural tsvetotipa. For owners of European appearance color palette should be based on beige. The basis of any make-up - foundation. He should repeat exactly the natural skin tone. If you buy the most suitable shade of cream could not be, it can be created by mixing a foundation and a darker shade of cream.
Natural makeup requires abandoning the dark shade of blush to shine. Instead, you can use the correction fluids that should be applied to the cheekbones.
Most emphasis is placed in a natural make-up oneyes. Instead of black eyeliner pencils should be used for the eyes chocolate and shades of gray. The closer his shade will match the color of the eyelashes, the better. In turn, the ink should not be black. Valid dark brown and charcoal shades.
What is permissible to experimentnatural make-up, so it is with light shades of matte shadows. Several accents under the brow will achieve an expressive look, and carefully shaded light glare on the inner corner of the eye will make the eyes wide open.
When applying mascara to consider anothertrick - whenever you touch the brush to the eyelashes should be slightly tighten in the direction to the outer corner of the eye, thus achieving dramatic the look.
Selecting the shadows in a natural make-up in many waysdependent on eye color. Brown eyes look successful in chocolate and peanut informal setting. Green eyes successfully emphasize the emerald shade without pearl shine. A blue will look favorably in all colors, except brown colors.
It should be remembered that a clear natural disadvantagemakeup is that it is able, together with the advantages and emphasize facial imperfections. That's why lovers of this kind of makeup should be especially vigilant about skin and eyebrows. Eyebrows should have an ideal form. Tinting them, you should use a special wax, which makes the natural eyebrow.
No less attention should be given to the lipstick. Natural make-up allows the use of natural color lipstick lips - from beige to coral. Using nude palette (colors and flesh tones of beige), should be most carefully approach the choice of color. Color nude lipstick should be lighter skin tone. In addition, the bright lipstick shade can unprofitable tooth shade. To lipstick kept longer on the lips, and the color looked natural, before applying the powder to be lip. Lip gloss is also suitable for creating a natural makeup. It should be transparent or pink and desirable to apply it only to the center of the lips.

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