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How to create a music video


How to create a music video</a>

Creating music videos is quite an exciting activity, requiring skills in working with programs for editing video and audio.

In order to try their hand at working with music video, the program Movie Maker is suitable.

You will need

  • - Movie Maker-
  • - video files-
  • - image files-
  • - a file with music.



If you have a desire to mount a music video, make a plan for editing. Specify in it the duration and content of individual episodes of the future video.


Prepare the source material for the clip. If possible, select several variants of images or video for each of the episodes, this will allow you to choose the best option for editing. Collect all the files from which your clip will consist in one folder.


Import the source material into the Movie programMaker, using the options "Import video", "Import images" and "Import sound or music." By default, Movie Maker splits the imported clips into separate clips. To avoid this, when importing a video, uncheck the "Create clips for video files" checkbox. As a result, the number of clips in the program window will correspond to the number of downloaded files.


Adjust the aspect ratio of the video you are creating. To do this, use the "Parameters" command from the "Tools" menu. In the settings window, click on the "Advanced Settings" tab and set the resolution of the frame in this tab. In the same window you can set the duration of the transition and the image. The "Image Duration" parameter specifies the time, during which the screen will contain a still image, added from the graphic file. By default, this time is 5 seconds, which is more suitable for a slide show than for a music clip.


Switch to storyboard mode withCommand "Storyboard" from the "View" menu. Drag the downloaded files into the storyboard in the order in which they follow the installation plan. To add a file to the storyboard, select the file in the program window and press Ctrl + D.


Switch to the time bar display modeCommand "Timeline" from the "View" menu and drag the file with the music on the timeline. Review the result by clicking on the "Play" button, which can be seen under the player's window.


If necessary, trim unnecessary fragmentsVideo files. To do this, place the cursor pointer over the beginning of the fragment you want to delete and press Ctrl + L. Select the unnecessary fragment by clicking on it with the mouse, and press the Delete key.


Add effects and transitions to the clip. The window with effect presets in Movie Maker is opened with the "Video Effects" command from the "Tools" menu. The window with transitions can be opened with the command "Video transitions" from the same menu. To apply an effect or transition, drag its icon to one of the timeline clips.


To save a music clip, useOption "Save to computer". Specify the location on the disk where your video will be saved, enter the file name and select one of the presets to save the created clip to your computer. Wait until the end of the file recording process.

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