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How to create a music video

How to create a music video

Creating music videos - pretty exciting activity that requires skills with software for video and audio editors.

In order to try his hand in working with a music video, Movie Maker program approach.

You will need

  • - Program Movie Maker-
  • - video files-
  • - Files izobrazheniyami-
  • - With the music file.



If you have a desire to mount a music video, make a plan for the installation. Specify the length of it and the content of individual episodes future video.


Prepare material for the clip. If possible, pick up a few options of images and video for each of the episodes, this will allow you to choose the best option for installation. Collect all of which will consist of your video in one folder.


Import Sources in the program MovieMaker is, using the options "Import video", "Import images" and "Import audio or music." By default Movie Maker breaks imported clips into separate clips. To avoid this, when you import video deselect the checkbox "Create clips for video files." As a result, the number of clips in the program window will correspond to the number of uploaded files.


Adjust the aspect ratio of the created video. To do this, use the "Options" command "Tools" from the menu. In the Settings window, click on the tab "Advanced Settings" and set the desired picture resolution in this tab. The same window can exhibit transition duration and images. The "image duration" determines the time during which the screen will be a still image from an image file added. The default time is 5 seconds, which is more suitable for a slide show than for the music video.


Switch to the storyboard mode usingTeam "storyboard" from the "View" menu. Drag the storyboard files uploaded to the project in the order in which they appear in the assembly plan. To add to the storyboard file, select the file in the program window and press the key combination Ctrl + D.


Switch to display mode of the timelineteam "Timeline" from the "View" menu and drag the music file to the timeline. Look at the result by clicking on the button "Play", which can be seen under the player window.


If necessary, cut the excess piecesvideo. To do this, put the pointer before the beginning of the section you want to delete and press the key combination Ctrl + L. Highlight unwanted parts by clicking on it with the mouse and press the Delete key.


Add the video effects and transitions. A window with presets effects in Movie Maker opens "Video effects" command from the menu "Service". The window can be opened with transitions "video transition" command from the same menu. To apply an effect or transition, drag its icon on one of the clips of the timeline.


To save music video usethe option "Save to computer." Specify the disk space, which will be saved your video, enter a file name and select one of the presets to save the created video on your computer. Wait until the end of the file recording process.

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