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How to create a multiboot USB flash drive


How to create a multiboot USB flash drive</a>

First, let's define the difference betweenDefinitions? Multiboot USB flash drive? And? Installation flash ?. Under the last definition is often understood as a flash card, from which a certain operating system will be installed (most often it's Windows XP or 7).

The thing is useful, but not universal.

Multiboot USB flash drive allows you to operate a large number of functions, such as: downloading drivers, launching certain programs in MS-Dos mode, and much more.

You will need

  • Devices:
  • Flash drive at least 4 Gb. (Better than 8)
  • Working PC or laptop.
  • Programs:
  • Image of Hiren's BootCD (8.0-10.0)
  • USB Disk Storage Format
  • Grub4dos archive
  • Daemon tools



At the initial stage of the work you need to format the flash card. Naturally, this is not done with the regular Windows tools, but with a special utility. Otherwise, we will not succeed.
After installing the flash drive, run in advanceFound USB Disk Storage Format. In the first window, select the required flash drive, in the second? File system FAT32, in the third? The name of the flash drive (preferably in Latin). Click Start ?. Your flash card is formatted and ready to create a multi-boot flash drive.

How to create a multiboot USB flash drive


Run the "grubinst gui" utility from grub4dos. In the appeared window in the first field find the necessary flash-card. In the Part List field, after clicking the Refresh button, select Whole Disk (MBR). Click Install.
Now go to the folder containing grubinst_gui.exe, find in it the grldr files without the extension and menu.lst, and copy them to the root directory not to the flash drive.

Picture 2


Using the program daemon tools (as an option Alcohol soft) copy all the files contained in Hiren's BootCD, to the USB flash drive.
Reboot your "machine" and install in the BIOSThe priority of uploading to the flash card. (Note: if this is not possible, either your motherboard does not support this feature, or you need to update the BIOS version). As a result, every time you start the computer with the multi-boot flash drive inserted, you will see the picture from image 3.

Picture 3

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