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How to create a movie from photos

How to make a movie from photos

If you spend a little bit of personal time and show a maximum of imagination, you can mount a beautiful video from your digital photos.

For its production will only need to select the appropriate image and make use of the special program.

Overview of useful programs

Programs to create a movie of the photos, there are many. Here are just some of them.
Photo DVD Maker Professional - not only a verysimple program, but also multifunctional. With the help of digital photos, you can create a colorful slide show with captions and titles, a variety of transitions. Also in the program, you can create multiple photo albums to choose for each his own style of decoration. Their program Photo DVD Maker Professional is represented by several dozen. A lot of it and the menu design. There is also the possibility of adding music and changing the photo. Burn the finished project can be directly on the disc, and select a format for viewing on any player, phone. The program will be interesting for those who are interested in photomontage.
Another useful program for creating a movieof photos - Photo Slideshow with which even a novice can make a colorful video of the selected images. In the program there are many styles to design photo, it is possible to edit the image, performing his crop, overlay text, use a variety of effects. A beautiful transitions, screensavers, themes, added the audio tracks will make your movie more interesting. Also, it does not interfere meet with other programs that allow you to create a dynamic picture of the clip. Among them, ProShow Producer, VSO PhotoDVD, Pinnacle Studio. Movavi Video Editor, Wondershare Photo Story Platinum, iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator and loved by many Windows Movie Maker, which is part of Windows.

"Photo Slideshow Creator" - to help

"Photo Slideshow" - one of the most easy and at the same timehighly functional programs. Work with it - a pleasure. To create this program in your movie from digital photos, you must first run the application by clicking on the icon on your desktop, set in the boot process. Now, in the "File" in the top toolbar from the drop down box, select "slide show templates" in the new window that opens, in the list check the one you want to use for your clip. The program has several options: an animated slide show, demonstration effects, dynamic slideshow, slide show on the screen, and many more. In the list on the left select the category templates: full, simple, vintage, wedding, travel, children, modern, festive. Click "Next" and then add a photo (can be an entire folder) to the project. Sort your photos, add music file and go to the Edit menu. Here you can set for each image transitions, choose the wallpaper for the clip, apply the style of the slideshow. If you want to keep track of the result in the preview window, which is located on the right side of the desktop program.
When the film is completely ready, press"New" on the toolbar, and then select the desired video format to create a video slide show (for PC, the Internet, mobile phones), to create a DVD slideshow (for viewing on a DVD), create a screen saver for your computer, or to record the finished movie in the format of an executable EXE file to your PC. Just remember before you start recording the movie, save the project.
If you select "create a video slideshow" specify in what format and for any device you want to record the finished file.

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