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How to create a mobile wallet

How to create a mobile wallet

Payment systems are constantly developing and evolving.

Already, you can pay for virtually any service in the terminals, which are located all over the place.

All you need to do - is to make money on the account of a mobile wallet.

For making money, and fees will be charged a small fee, but it is well worth it because you get rid of the need to stand in queues and waste your time.



To start cell purseEnough to have a phone number, and spendlittle time for registration. Use any terminal payment system. In the title menu enter the sub-menu "My Account" and follow the menu instructions to set the phone number to which will be attached purseAnd password, which you will be able to use the services.


Also how to manage the account from the terminal, you canmonitor the flow of money, carrying out calculations and the current state of the purse online from your computer. To do this, go to the site the title of the payment system, where you will need to register again using the same phone number that was used previously. Carefully follow the instructions in the menu for registration in order to have access to your account online.


Keep in mind that your password to log on to your account atsite and to access the account through a terminal - different things. Make money on the account is very easy - just log in to your account using your phone number and password, and then enter the amount you wish to deposit, follow the menu instructions. After that you can pay for services and invoices with a terminal or a computer.

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