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How to create your own methodology


How to create your own methodology</a>

If you have discovered some new method of teaching, if its application gives tangible positive results, it's time for you to create your own teaching methodology.

A few tips will help you do it right.



Look for new ways to improve the methodologicalThe apparatus of the educational process, do not seek to work in the old manner, do not be afraid to experiment with new forms, methods and methods of teaching. Study the pedagogical experience of teachers-innovators: VF Shatalova, SN. Lysenkova, LV Zankova and others.


Earn experience in the use of various new methods and forms of training - you can create your own educational methodology, having a basic foundation for its creation.


Determine in what area of ​​the educational process your methodology will work.

Define the main goal of its methodology and tasks, for the implementation of which it will work.


Select the main toolkit of your methodology,That is, those "tools" (methods of teaching, forms of learning activity, teaching aids, methods of evaluation and control, etc.) with which your methodology can be implemented.


Formulate the essence of your methodology, describe it on paper. Specify the specific techniques that you have opened for the intensification of the learning process.


Try to apply your methodology in practice,Try it out on your students. Record your every step documentarily. Note the strengths and weaknesses of your methodology at each stage of its implementation.


Invite other teachers to your lesson, show them your new teaching method. After the round-table discussion, discuss all the positive and negative aspects of your methodology.


Make sure that your methodology meets the requirements of modern educational standards, was unique, so that you are not accused of plagiarism.


If you have already created a methodology, successfully conducted itTests, proved in its team its effectiveness, and now you want to replicate it and "bring it out to people", contact any publishing house, perhaps in the near future your teaching methodology will be used by many teachers.

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