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How to create a mailbox on the mail ru

How to create a mailbox on the mail ru

Mail.ru - the popular social network, uniting not only the function of the news portal, but also e-mail service.

Mail.ru postal service appeared in 1998 - earlier than 3 years than the competitor - Yandex.ru.

How to create a mailbox in one of the most popular email services Runet?

Instructions for creating a mailbox mail.ru

To begin creating a process mail in mail system.ru you must go to the main page of the site (mail.ru), typing an address into any search engine, or in the address bar of your browser.
After the transition to the main page Mail.ru need to click on the label "Registration in the mail", which is on the left side of the screen under the entry area of ​​login and password.
After that, the visitor gets to the input pagepersonal information that will be used to create profiles and e-mail addresses. The information entered in all fields, can be transferred to third parties only with the consent of the user.

It is worth noting that the authors address mail.ru allow their visitors to choose between two ways to protect your account: telephone and control issue. However, the security level is much higher when using the phone.

After the introduction of all the necessary information andpressing the button of registration the user's attention will be presented with a window with a so-called "captcha" - a set of characters to be broadcast in an empty field, thus confirming that the user is not a bot (robot-virus performing automatic registration).
If the process of introducing captcha succeeds, the user instantly appears in the interface of your mailbox.

The advantages of using the mailbox mail.ru

One of the main advantages of using the service Mail.ru is their safety and security - this portal was recognized as the most secure portal (1st place) you'll ever need in 2013.

Minimum password length here, as well as atMost e-mail services - 6 digits, and each site uses a secure 128-bit encryption, such as TLS 1.0. Message Authentication occurs via RC4_128 protocol with SHA1.

If we look at the postal service mail.ru compared to other mail services you'll ever need, then we can say that he is no different principle: it also has a system of letters of collection from other mailboxes, the system alerts the manner to that used in Gmail, as well as a system of filters and shipments.
It is worth noting that after the registration Mail address.ru will be no need to create separate profiles for other services portal - all information will be automatically copied to, and will only need to confirm to activate the account.

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